“My body feels fitter and better shaped!”

My body has always been the fat type, but after graduated from college and started working full time, my body weight was getting out of hand. I’ve tried a number of diet methods, ranging from taking supplements or dietary milk, slimming drugs, and many more but even if I lost weight, it was not much, so I finally gave up on diets.

I was not too committed to doing sports either, if I was diligent, my body weight went down, but it was never drastic. Doing fitness in a regular gym was expensive, it took quite a lot of time and must be especially scheduled by me, because when the time was too short it wouldn’t be effective. Further, nowadays I am increasingly busy, so it is even harder to find the time to exercise.

I joined Curves because I was invited directly by Mrs. Yenni (Director of Curves Indonesia). I think Curves is interesting because it only takes 30 minutes and Surya Sumantri Club Curves is very close to my workplace, within walking distance. At the beginning when I joined, the weight did not immediately dropped significantly. However, after a few months, the effects of decreasing body fat started to show, my body’s muscle mass and water % were also continue to increase.

My body now feels fitter and shaped better. Many say that now my body looks healthier and starting to have great shape! I can feel that my pants and clothes have started to loosen up and became more comfortable to wear. I never imagine that after 10 months I worked out at Curves, I manage to drop 11,2 kg and body fat dropped 8,9%.

For me, my main target to join Curves is to be healthier, while losing weight is a bonus for me. It’s also always fun at Curves because I am always supported by Curves coaches to keep practicing consistently. Moreover, regularly working out at Curves, I don’t need to do a strict diet but can still stay healthy and maintain my body weight.