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Curves As Profitable Investments

Profitability / Benefits

Curves investment profitability projections in Indonesia are better than other countries. With the projected costs for salaries, operational costs, rent (if rent), royalties and managed services, it is still possible to get +/- 40% profit in the year before tax. Even after deducting tax costs, projected +/- 25% net profit a year. With this financial performance, an investor from an investment starting from 990 million can receive a Return on Investment within 12 to 24 months.

In accordance with the Autopilot business format, finance is fully managed by the Head Office, and at the end of each month it will be recapitulated and details submitted to investors at the beginning of each month, for the remaining amount of the results of operations that can be transferred to the investor’s bank account.

Potential Investors

Anyone can have Curves in Indonesia, the limitation is the Area that we have blocked for each existing club, as well as an assessment of the market needs of Curves membership.

Property Location

The Curves club is ideally located near prospective members. The location of a successful club, usually near the office and bank business area, office area with many women’s businesses (for example, beauty salons, hair salons, spas, etc.), areas near schools or universities, crowded residential areas. Site selection can be assisted by the Curves Team if it does not yet have a location. If there is already a location, then the location will be surveyed for eligibility. Property for Curves Club can be in the form of 2-storey shophouse or 1-storey building. The minimum required area is 150 m2 to around 220 m2 for the usable area (if there are stairs and the blocked area cannot be calculated). If it is a multi-storey shophouse, a maximum of 2 floors with a total effective area of ​​at least 150 m2 to facilitate the Club to operate efficiently.


The following are factors that can answer the reasons for investing in Curves:

  1. High Market Needs

Indonesia is in dire need of Curves, with a 50% increase in obesity in the last 5 years, from 14.8% to 21.8%, and an increase in diabetics by 400% in the last 5 years, the need for fitness in Indonesia is very high. Investing in health would be better than spending money to treat an illness.


  1. Proven Curves System

Curves training has been clinically proven to be assisted by Baylor University in the United States with more than 6 million US Dollars. Running a Curves Club using the proven Curves method in the last 27 years, will get a low Break Even Point and high Profit, and a fast Return on Investment.


  1. Effective marketing

Curves has a monthly marketing and promotion plan both printed and effective social media with themes that are arranged according to the target market and utilize Word of Mouth marketing through its members. Curves also carries out his social responsibility mission through various charitable activities.


  1. Brand Growth – A Bright Future

Curves has planned to continue to develop the product lines and services provided, including nutrition to build muscle and wearable technology to monitor training, retail and beauty products, and vacation resorts in the form of resorts and retreats with a focus on health and fitness.


  1. Managed Service – Business is Autopilot and give you Passive Income

Each Curves Club is managed with a managed service, so that investors do not need to be involved in managing the Club, but instead entrust the Central Team to manage it. The owner will get results at the beginning of the following month with all detailed notes regarding the club’s performance. This service will provide trained coaches, the daily management and management of the club, handling human, financial and marketing resources, all in one package. It means that Curves is a passive income source for investors.

Sources Of Revenue

The main source of income from ownership of Curves is income from Curves membership, which is received in advance because the nature of the membership is prepaid, starting from 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months membership.

In addition, future sources of income include:

  • Year 2022: Retail products with exclusive design of Curves with good quality and affordable prices
  • Year 2022: Nutrient products that are rich in a variety of mixtures of Vitamin Protein, Probiotics, Collagen, and many more, with a subscription system that helps the consistency of extra income
  • Year 2023: Curves Beauty Products that are organic, natural, and perfect for healthy skin
  • Year 2025: Curves Resort Spa that we planned to be a place to relax and vacation for the members of Curves.

Managed Service

Managed Services provided to Investors are services that are part of the ownership of Curves. With this service, owning a Curves is having a passive income for our investors.


PT. Unity Brands Indonesia can help with the Bank to finance the ownership of Curves with Ruko guarantees that will be used as Curves businesses. If you don’t have a Ruko, investors can also use the Ruko ownership credit facility with a partner bank. If you are interested in using this financing facility, please contact us for the application and process to be carried out.


Investors who are interested in having a Curves Club, can contact:

Master License Indonesia – PT. Unity Brands Indonesia

Contacts: Verna P. Covita + 62-811-2390-810



Headquarter: + 62-22-2027-1110


Headquarter Location

Jl. Surya Sumantri No. 76, Lt.2

Bandung 40164

West Java, Indonesia